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Ladies of Independent Means
Book 1

Juliette de Flounoy refuses to be imprisoned by her past-the French Revolution that robbed her family of their heritage, and the rape that left her homeless-comforting herself with her dreams of becoming London’s premier modiste and by her friends, the enterprising ladies of Mrs. Gerrard’s, London’s most exclusive seraglio.

Ladies of Independent Means
Book 2

Daughter of parents obsessively in love with one another, Grace Owen has seen how love destroyed her widowed father and resolves to avoid it at all costs; besides she has her music and her dreams of becoming an opera singer to inspire her. It is only when she meets Maximilian Hawkesbury that she learns that hurting someone you care for is far more painful than love itself.

Ladies of Independent Means
Book 3

Helen Gerrard had everything a woman could want–money, a successful business, a mansion in London’s most exclusive neighborhood–and she was not about to let anyone, let alone a pompous businessman, criticize her establishment, except that what Julian Bracebridge, Earl of Linton had to offer was the one thing she needed.

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My Wayward Lady is a prequel to the Ladies of Independent Means series
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