Favorite Resources

The Regency Reference Book by Dee Hendrickson

Daily Life in 18th-Century England by Kirsten Olsen

The Regency Companion by Sharon H. Laudermilk & Teresa L. Hamlin

The Prince of Pleasure and His Regency by J.B. Priestley

The Reminiscences of Captain Gronow Being Anecdotes of the Camp Court, Clubs & Society 1810-1860by Rees Howell Gronow

Repository of Arts, Literature, Fashions, Manufactures, & etc. by Rudolph Ackermann

The Times (London) various appropriate years

The English Carriage by Hugh McCausland

Illustrated Book of the Horse by S. Sidney

A Dictionary of Slang and Unconventional English by Eric Partridge

The Diary of Frances Lady Shelley 1787-1817 by Frances Lady Shelley

The Creevey Papers: a Selection from the Correspondence and Diaries of the Late Thomas Creevey by Thomas Creevey

The London Encyclopedia edited by Ben Weinreb and Christopher Hibbert

London Past and Present: a Dictionary of its History, Associations, and Traditions (3 vol.) by Henry B. Wheatley